The United States is now more divided than at any time since the Civil War.

But regardless of your personal or political beliefs, your Constitutional right to 

express those views will be protected and defended by FIRE – a non-profit,

nonpartisan civil liberties group that focuses on protecting free speech rights.

Fun Fact: All art direction, copywriting and music selection below

are by yours truly, as well as supervising all aspects of post-production.

Hope ya dig.

Most Americans take their First Amendment rights for granted.

So to better appreciate the importance of free speech and free expression,

let's envision some of our favorite things without them.

And here's how the above concept worked as

a page takeover in the New York Times.

Rob Carducci

And what better way to celebrate free expression

than with an online video contest?

Rob Carducci
Pro-Choice Public Education Project_edited
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