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At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Cuomo noticed

that many New Yorkers weren't wearing a mask in public. So he

announced the "New York Tough PSA Video Contest," calling on New Yorkers

to create a :30 film that shows someone wearing a mask and explains

the importance of doing so. For such a worthy cause, me and my frequent

creative-partner, Mark Schruntek, felt obligated to take part.

We had just 10 days, zero budget and due to the lockdown, a myriad of production

obstacles. But we eventually arrived at an easily producible idea that we felt captured

the Governor’s inspiring yet no-nonsense message of “New York Tough,” so we

quickly enlisted Mark's cousin and film editor, Michael Bellino, to help bring it to life.

Here's what we came up with, based on the insight that some folks refuse

to wear a mask because they think it restricts communication.

Our point was that with your mouth covered, you actually speak volumes.

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